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Section 1: Questions about Melissa Davis-Crump Photography

Section 2: Questions about Booking

Section 3: Questions about Photography Sessions

Section 4: Questions about Merchandise

Section 1 - Questions about Melissa Davis-Crump Photography

I can't find your studio or office address so I can come by, so where are you located?

Well, the reason why you probably can't find a studio address for Melissa Davis-Crump Photography is because we don't have one. We hope to open an office location as soon as possible, but until then we meet at a local coffee shop. Please feel free to call or email us instead. Our mailing address is easily found on our CONTACT US page and you can send mail to us there.

We are mostly on-location photographers and prefer to shoot this way.

What type of photographer are you?

For the most part, we consider ourselves portrait journalists. For most shoots of any kind, we are photographers that stay out of the way and captures your moments candidly in a photojournalist style, but occasionaly take an opportunity to pose a shot. We may give suggestions, or ask you to do something simple, and then stand back and watch where you take it! Sometimes, those are the best photos! We are not out for photo sales, (although they are very nice!) but more to capture the details and personality that makes you or your event special and then we give you the opportunity to take those images in whatever form you want them, whether it be a CD, photo package, or an album or book.

How many photos do you normally shoot?

Some photographers limit the number of shots that they take and/or limit the amount of images that they give you. We don't do that!! We shoot a lot because we DO NOT put any limits on our creativity. Because of our style, we shoot rapidly so we don't miss moments. However, we DO delete a few of the unflattering photos. Because let's be honest...we catch a few sometimes. We have strict personal policies regarding which photos leave our offices. We WILL NOT give a customer anything less than the best. Our job is to make you look your best, so that's what we intend to do. None of us need to waste our time on unflattering photos. If we HAD to make a guess, we would say that we tend to turn out somewhere between 80 and 120 good photos per hour...depending on how many shooters we have working and the situation, so that's what you can expect to receive.

Are you willing to travel to do a shoot or a wedding?

We have a very young child, so for the next few years, we are not accepting any portrait session outside a 30 mile radius of San Angelo or weddings outside a 100 mile radius of San Angelo.

Do you have any formal training in photography? What makes you a professional?

That is actually a really good question and we thank you for asking it. We believe that this question is the MOST important you can ask in today's photography industry…and this proves you care about the quality of your photos. Yes, we are college educated in photography and have lots of experience to go along with it. Please see our ABOUT US page for a complete description of our education and training. This profession is constantly changing and very tedious to learn. Continued education and practice is critical to remaining a great photographer. New digital photography technology has made it VERY easy for anyone and everyone to claim they are a photographer these days. The people who make these claims de-value the art and the craft of photography for all of us who do have the valid credentials and education. And for that, we are truly sorry...because it is you, the customer, that ends up losing in the end. Your money is precious, spend it with someone who knows what they are doing.

What kind of camera do you use?

We have a thing for Canon equipment. They are one of the leading companies in photography technology and they have completely earned our trust. We use nothing but the best Canon SLR cameras and equipment. For a complete listing of our equipment, please see the bottom of our ABOUT US page.

Section 2 - Questions about Booking

Can I book with you on short notice?

No. We are sorry but our lives are just as hectic as everyone else's. ALL of our bookings MUST be booked at least 2 weeks in advance. Booking MORE than 2 weeks in advance is greatly appreciated. This way, we have a little time to get to know the client, their needs and plan a really great session. If you are a potential commercial client, please pay attention to your deadlines! Unfortunately, we will not be able to help you if you try to hire us less than 2 weeks before your final deadline.

What's involved in the process of booking you as my photographer?

Good question. First, you call or email us to set up a booking consultation meeting. Next, we will meet and go over your photography needs. We will take your order and invoice it, book your date/time and sign a binding contract. At that time, you will be required to, at least, pay the non-refundable deposit. A monthly payment plan is required, and the final monthly payment must then be paid by the day before the shoot. Melissa Davis-Crump Photography requires staying in close contact with each other during the whole process to get everything scheduled correctly and have up-to-date information at all times.

Section 3 - Questions about Photography Sessions

Where is a good place to take my photos?

At Melissa Davis-Crump Photography, we are mostly natural light, on-location photographers. We try to use artificial light sources as little as possible, so we need good natural light from the sun outdoors, or if indoors, near large windows. If doing portraits outdoors, we must pick areas with shade or protection from the sun. Please discuss with us different locations for your shoot, because there are a lot of options. Outdoor locations are great for lighting and composition, but an indoor location is also great for certain types of portraits, such as but not limited to, newborns, children, and families.

When is a good time to take photos?

Please remember when planning your event or session outdoors that early morning or late evening is best for lighting.

What should I do to get ready for my shoot? What do I wear?

When deciding what to wear, please discuss your plans with us. We have a list of suggestions. You can find it on the GETTING READY FOR YOUR SHOOT page of this website.

Section 4 - Questions about Merchandise

What photos do you edit?

We edit everything that needs it. We go through and do any needed basic editing, which means we go through and check the exposure, color correct, brighten, adjust the contrast, crop and fix any red-eye. We have to. We couldn't live with ourselves if we didn't. We can do more extensive editing if you want us to and are willing to pay for our time.

Any photo that is used to make any kind of merchandise is highly quality controlled before we use it. That way your merchandise looks its best.

When I get my pictures, will I own the copyright?

No. We keep our copyrights, but we will give you a limited use release. This is why we sign a contract for every job before we accept the job. Our copyright agreement is outlined in our contracts. The fees that you pay to us for your session or event are strictly creative fees for our artistic interpretation of your likeness. You DO NOT pay for ownership of the copyrights of the images that came from our artistic interpretation of your likeness. All images are our intellectual property and we keep ownership to most of the photos taken by Melissa Davis-Crump Photography. If you purchase a package where you get digital negatives, or you purchase digital negatives as an add-on, what you do pay for is a limited use release that allows you to use the images for specific personal purposes which we limit to reprints, enlargements and very simple computer and internet use. If you ONLY purchase merchandise (examples: prints, books or albums) and DO NOT purchase digital negatives, those items DO NOT come with a limited use release, so you would not have permission to reproduce those images in any way.

What merchandise do you put your company logo or watermark on?

Because we keep the copyright and own the image, we have the legal right to put our logo or watermark on everything we make, and we do so, with the exception of individual digital negatives. We do watermark everything else to protect our intellectual property (i.e. the images) from being scanned, copied or reproduced, which is against the law. As we said earlier, we do not put a logo or watermark on digital negatives (since you get a limited use release), BUT....we do this strictly as a courtesy for our clients. We have the right to tag those, too...but we choose to not do it, so it's easier for our clients to make reprints.

Please keep in mind, our prints and merchandise ARE forms of advertising for our matter who doesn't like it, it's a simple fact. We keep our logos and watermarks very simple and always place them in appropriate spots that will not take away from your prints or merchandise.

When I order prints, products or merchandise, how long will it be before I receive it?

We will not begin an order until we have received your payment and it has cleared the bank. If you pay with a check, please be aware that there is a hold time of 10 days to ensure that the payment clears. We apologize if this policy will not work with your needs, but there are other payment options available.

To see the timeline of how things will happen and when you can expect to receive your stuff, go to the AFTER YOUR SHOOT page of this website.

Please keep in mind that after you place your order with us and it is paid for, we have to invoice the order, design the order, place the order with the manufacturer, the manufacturer than has to invoice the order, produce it, box it up, and ship it to us. We then have to inspect everything, repackage it up and ship it to you....or contact you and work out a time to deliver your merchandise if you live in the San Angelo area. There is a lot of steps and different people involved. We greatly appreciate your patience while we work on getting your merchandise to you.

If you have any questions that you would like to see posted here or just have questions you would like to get answered, please call or e-mail us. We appreciate your questions!