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Getting Ready for Your Shoot


Clothing and Styling Tips for Portrait Sessions and Weddings/Events


There are many different things to think about when getting ready for a shoot!! Here is a list of tips that have helped us over the years….


For Portraits:

1. The main key is to color coordinate the entire family’s (or anyone in the photos) clothing choices, this includes shirts, pants, skirts, socks, shoes and accessories…the whole thing. Just in case you have questions, we’ll break it down for you……

2. Choose colors that look good together. Examples: blues and greens….reds and oranges or yellows…..blacks and grays…..khaki and brown…. ANY decent color combinations will work. You could even go with complimentary colors, like blue and yellow, or pink and green, but make sure that everyone in the photos is wearing some combo of the colors. Use your best judgment and come up with combinations that look good together.

3. This includes pants and skirts! Just because your shirts color coordinate, doesn’t mean you are done!! Everyone needs to be wearing color coordinating pants and skirts, too. BE VERY CAREFUL about mixing black, blue, and khaki pants.....denims included! Make sure it's a combination you can live with in your photos.

4. Ok…so we’ve got shirts and pants. You think you’re done?? NO!!! Don’t forget about shoes and socks. It can look really bad if everyone’s shoes don't jive. And DO NOT forget about color coordinating the socks!! It looks odd if 4 people are wearing white socks and one is wearing black.

5. Stay away from large, heavy patterns on clothes because they can be very distracting!! Go for subtle. Small patterns and plaids are AWESOME! Also DO NOT wear shirts with characters or people’s faces on them. Stay away from legible writing with big words or letters on shirts. These things will make you look bigger than you are and distract the viewer of the photos. If people are trying to read your shirt, than they aren’t looking at your face.

6. Make sure if you are planning on wearing heels or a pair of uncomfortable shoes for your shoot that you bring a pair of flip-flops or something easy to wear between locations, because we may have to walk.

7. DO NOT WEAR ALL ONE SOLID COLOR FOR THE ENTIRE OUTFIT!!! Break it up with a scarf, belt, jewelry, a different pattern, something.....anything!

8. Layer clothes and add accessories, like jewelry…it looks good.

9. Bring multiple changes of clothes! I have a changing tent, so it’s easy. This will help to bring some variety to your photos. But again…make sure the new changes of clothes are color coordinated, too.

10. Use this opportunity to buy something new to wear. Try not to wear old, beat up clothes with stains and rips…unless you bought it that way and it’s meant to look that way.

11. Wash your hair and face before your shoot. Greasy hair and faces do not photograph well……enough said. And DO NOT wet your hair with water before a shoot!!! It makes the hair look greasy, even if it’s not. Mousse is a MUCH better choice.

12. Please take care of facial and body hair. A good rule of thumb, when in doubt, shave or wax! Please. Ladies….your hair WILL show up in the photos, so pluck your eyebrows and shave your legs. Guys….please, please, please….clean up your beard, goatee and/or sideburns…..also, YOUR NOSE AND EAR HAIR WILL SHOW!!! Trim, trim, trim!

13. Please clean out from under your nails and color coordinate your nail polish with your clothes. Manicured nails look great in photos!

14. Ladies…..if you have never, ever worn makeup before in your life….I really suggest you do at least for your portrait session. I’m not saying a lot, but some would be great. Don't over-do it , either. A nice concealer and a little powder to clean up your face, a touch of lip gloss, and a hint of blush and eyeshadow will go a long way in making your photos better!! I want you to look your best in your photos and without makeup….you will tend to look a little dead….and that’s not pretty. Please be aware that just a little powder is NOT enough!!! You need color on your lips, eyelids and cheek bones. But stay away from glittery products. You’ll thank me later……

15. Please bring a hairbrush and touchup makeup with you to the shoot, in case you sweat a little and need to fix yourself up. The wind blows, so you may need to brush your hair.

16. If you ever wear contacts, at all…you may prefer to wear them during the shoot. I am totally cool with shooting glasses, but sometimes glasses can be hard to photograph and take away from your face. 

17. Be careful about wearing hats because sometimes they can take away from your portraits. Hats make it very hard to get light into your eyes and sometimes your face will end up too dark. 

18. Oh, yea......and bring props. They look cool in photos. :)




For Weddings and Events:

A lot of the stuff listed above for portraits also apply!! So read the list above, too!

1. Pay attention to what your family members and close friends will be wearing! If they are going to be in photos with the wedding party, you want to make sure their clothes do not clash with the wedding party's attire.

2. It is customary for the mother-of-the-bride to wear a color that is close to the bridesmaid dresses and it looks great in photos!  

3. What they say is true.....less is more. Keep it simple.